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Plus-Size MODEL Crystal Renn Does Elle Mag ...

Author of "Hungry: A Young Models Story of Appetite, Ambition and Ultimate Embrace of Curves" and model will be gracing the pages of the high fashion publication, ELLE (Can.) in January 2010. Tocarra in Vogue, Kate Dillion (and crew) in Glamour ... I'm sensing a trend. Spread preview and a snippet from her book, on her weight epiphany - below. ~PC

"At 17 my body completely rebelled. I couldn’t loose more weight and I realized I was going to die for a job. The next day I was completely chastised by my agency for my size and one agent pulled me aside and said, “There’s an option for you. You can either go plus-size or do commercial work.” And I asked, “What’s plus-size modeling? I’ve never heard of that.” And she said, “Well it means you can be whatever size you want and model.” But she said it was for old women! But for whatever reason, everything made sense and I knew this was the route I had to take. I went and had a salad with salmon and walnuts and olive oil. I gave into what my body needed. I could be healthy and happy and still model.," says Crystal.