Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


Mme's Links: The Taco Bell "DIET", V Magazine's SIZE Issue ...

1. 'Precious' star Gabby Sidibe highlighting "Big Love" and Dakota Fanning, "Little Lady" ... V Magazine sets out to diversely represent beautiful women of all statures, in it's February "Size Issue". [Source: The Savy Sista ]

2.  You may have seen the commercials and accompanied success story (I stress story, for singular purposes) of the "Drive-Thru Diet". Here's a realistic take on Taco Bell's insult to consumer intelligence ... [Source: The Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss]

3. Actor Jason Alexander (better known as 'George' from Seinfeld) joins team Jenny Craig. [Source: New York Daily News]