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PHENTERMINE: "Fight or Flight" to Weight Loss ...

Phentermine … how does it work and better yet - is it worth it? Growing wide in diet consumer popularity, it’s "buy online without prescription/lose 10lbs a week" lure is looming. Added, being a common weight loss drug prescribed to clinically-obese patients by doctors.

You may recall (pun-intended) the deadly, Fen-Phen weight loss pill catastrophe years ago. After medical studies proved fatal heart and lung complications were derivative of the anorectic, Fenfluramine was banned by the FDA. Leaving it’s “less-threatening” accomplice Phentermine, on the market.

What is Phentermine?
Phentermine Hydrochloride ... or “Phen” is a stimulant drug, marketed as an appetite suppressant. It acts on the central nervous system/brain to release neurotransmitters called catecholamines. Catecholamines (dopamine, epinephrine, etc.) produce effects ... inducing a "fight or flight" adrenaline response within our bodies. Similar to street drugs, like ... "Speed".

Fight or Flight
... is a saying linked to the body being on heightened alert at most times. A biological response of animals/humans in stressful or fearful environments. Yes, they bottled and are trying to sell you fear and stress! :/ Hence the related symptoms:
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Sleeplessness/Insomnia
  • Nervousness and Irritability
  • Constipation
Think about it ... if your mind is situated in a manner to prepare for battle all day or handle heavy stress, desire for normal functions begin to weaken. Functions such as eating (cha-ching), paying attention and other physical necessities - like eliminating :/ Crazy example; should you be up against a bear in the woods, the last thing your body is going to focus on is food, taking a bathroom break, sleeping or maintaining adequate contemplation to finish your thesis. The drug's capabilities do lessen your mental will of nourishment (as boasted), but doesn't stop there ...

The Resistance and Addiction Balance
Symptoms and their intensity vary among users. Some report none but, the constant is "tolerance". The drug is technically intended for use, no longer than 12 weeks, with break periods in between. As users will form an immunity to the "beneficial" effects of the pill over time. Your previous appetite (prior to starting the medication) will return - even while taking the medication! In response, some require increased dosages or harsher substances. Phentermine is also proven to be addictive/habit-forming. When prescribed, there is a “weaning off” program, generally to reduce withdrawal complications ... (intervention, much?)

Success Rate and Re-Gain Reality
"Results not typical" well, long-term results are BARELY typical with this method. You can significantly eat less, and lose weight <- that's fact. But if you have not coupled better eating habits or an activity routine, the weight is destined to resurface. And even if you did follow the before-mentioned, re-gains are still highly likely.

Remember, your mind has been under this medicinal spell for so long, once it reverts back to your old appetite, it will recall what you put it through. With this, the urge to binge/overeat is going to naturally surge, as that big bear that was chasing you for 6 weeks might come back, so you'll need to store fat ... in preparation.

Where to Buy Phentermine
More often than not, people are taking advantage of the $70-$150 online offerings the pill has. No doctor supervision, warrants dangerous implications as unless you are in the medical profession - how will you know what (if at all) doses are suitable for you? See, the weight loss industry (hustle) as we know is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Do you really perceive some cheesy site (who probably runs an acai berry company too, lol) backed by fake doctors and testimonials to have your best interest at heart? (pun intended, once again) And do you really know what's in that pill, from that online overseas transaction? I'm juuuust saying ... you know the World doesn't like Americans right now ... lol

After 2 years of cycling 3 similar medications in my early 20's, I lost and gained, lost, gained and endangered myself in the process - to an extent that still troubles me. I do not suggest, condone, promote or believe in the “magical” powers of weight loss drugs. My theory, you can't sell effort, you can't capsulate a lifestyle and … you keep it off, how you lose it. ~PC