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Gospel Great Kim Burrell 's 100lb WEIGHT LOSS!

Your favorite R&B singer's favorite gospel singer, is what we call her. Enthralling the audience with her vocal tribute to Whitney Houston at last night's BET Honors - The raspy, bluesy, soulful soldier for the Lord ... flaunted a new figure! The story behind her glory?

via www.backstagewithkim.com:
"In 2009, medical experts informed Ms. Burrell that she had suffered multiple heart attacks while on tour. Determined to regain control of her life, Kim took a break from her career to refocus her agenda toward living life to the fullest and becoming a champion for women all over the world who face issues with self-esteem and being overweight. She has lost over 100lbs and counting."

I've been a fan of Kim Burrell since my childhood. Her range was unique and anointing - undeniable. She's in the process of filming a reality show (who isn't?) and is also working on her first secular album (don't worry saints, she'll be back). All I can say is, GOD IS GOOD ... (y'all know the rest) ~PC