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Jennifer Hudson + (Food Network) Sunny Anderson's WEIGHT LOSS ...

In preparation for her role as Winnie Mandela in an upcoming docu-pic, the actress/singer has reportedly lost 56 pounds!

“I’ve been exercising and trying to stay consistent,” she says. “I’m jogging and eating right.” The 28-year-old mother admits it’s not always easy sticking to the plan but the moment she feels the urge she, “hops up and goes for it.” [Source]

Food Network diva, Sunny Anderson of the cooking series 'Cooking for Real' - has witnessed that the decadent comfort cuisine she usually prepares, has it's limits. Infusing her meals with salads and veggies, making healthy substitutions and adding fun physical activities ... she's down 31 pounds! [Source]

Go ladies, can't wait to hear more of this Winnie Mandela project. ~PC