Hello! This blog is being discontinued. With my NEW weight loss journey on the horizon, I felt it was only right to start with a brand new home. I hope to see you there!


Loose Skin After Weight Loss

While it may not plague all on weight loss journeys, there are a few casualties in the loose skin debacle (me and my tummy, lol). You work so hard to shed the pounds only to discover your body isn't showing its full appreciation to your new found care - by reflecting Rosa Acosta's abs.

I should preface by saying: If you allow this to be a hindrance to starting a weight loss journey, I'm giving you major side-eye and lip twist. What matters most is your health, your vitality, did I mention your health? Over time it can (should you maintain a productive diet and activity plan) work itself out. The body is an intelligent operation, you'd be surprised at how it adapts. Think about it ...

I was 160lbs at 12, 190lbs at 18, and 257lbs by 22 - my body weight and fat composition has always been over capacity (like a club in the hood). Closely considering I'm only 5'2" (that's rounded up, lol) my skin had to continuously accommodate my increased body volume. And the moment I decided to lose weight - I realized it wasn't all going to snap back instantly.

Your chances of having excess skin are determined by many factors. Which can all be superficially deduced to skin elasticity: or your skin's ability to stretch and retract. Factors include; the time you spent overweight, how or how fast you lost the weight, your age, and diet. Yes diet, you are what you eat. You do your skin cells no justice with junk.

Many deal with 'loose skin' concerns drastically, after fast crash dieting or bariatric surgery - where muscle is diminished rapidly in addition to water and fat. The problem in this is that muscle is a prized possession to your ideal figure. It not only burns fat in its development, it becomes a foundation for your skin. When that skin has been stretched by underlining fat (that's now gone), it's prone to "tighten/retract" by adhering to ... MUSCLE! (that's A Mutual of Omaha "Ah-Ha" moment).

Now for those of us who didn't crash diet, and got to the fork in the road and went straight with healthy eating and workouts to lose it - it can still pose as a body issue. I'm staring down the dreaded last 30-35 pounds to lose, and can look in the mirror happy, yet still hopeful that this .::tugs at lower tummy::. too shall pass.

Serious resolve sometimes includes surgery (widely practiced for bariatric patients), but I don't feel that's my path entirely. I do have personal gripes about my breasteses. I've been lugging jugs since forever - and while they've come down some as a result of weight loss (not nearly enough) ... I'd be open to having an augmentation, sometime later in life. But until then, I'll just hit my upper body weight resistance training and keep on wondering (wonder bra .::rimshot::.)

In conclusion (whoa, I just took it back with the 5th grade essay, lol.) some remnants were inevitable for me, living most of my life overweight-to obese. However, being armored with those simple lifestyle weapons of flab destruction; muscle building/toning, superior diet, and the least glamorous ... steady weight loss and TIME ... I'm not worried. ~PC