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50 Cent Loses 50 Pounds: Shocking Weight Loss!

Controversial rapper, Curtis Jackson bka "50 Cent" - stunned many upon posting pics of his transformed body, via This50.com. The rapper - turned - actor reportedly shed approximately 50lbs in preparation for the upcoming movie, "Things Fall Apart". A heart-wrenching tale depicting an esteemed football star, turned cancer patient.

Undergoing a process that took 9 months of liquid dieting and intense cardio, he shared,  "I was starving." As filming concludes and he's back on his music grind and added, "I've been eating. I'll be back in shape in no time!"

I definitely thought it was photoshopped or somebody's uncle Pookie, that sorta kinda looked like 50. Yet, it's all too common that stars are motivated to transform their bodies, (self-admitted recently by Jennifer Hudson) to morph into a character.

Let me find out 50's going to pull an Oscar before Queen Bey does!?! And, y'all know Samuel L. is getting that lip twist ready. ~PC