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Preview | VH1's Bridal Bootcamp + CW's Shedding For The Wedding

'The Biggest Loser' gets married? In a sense. A new round of weight loss competition shows are on their way, and two - come with nuptial motivation:

VH1's "Bridal Bootcamp" will follow 10 brides-to-be as they attempt to shed unwanted weight before their weddings. The women are divided into teams and enrolled in a boot camp designed to turn them into svelte brides before their big day. In each episode, teams will participate in challenges - with the losing team being sent to the "Fitting Room", where each member will face a weigh-in and possible elimination. The woman left standing, will win her dream wedding.

Premiers: Wednesday, June 9 at 10pm EST on VH1.

In addition, the CW Network announced a new show in development entitled, "Shedding for the Wedding", this week. It highlights couples in the weight loss competition environment, where the winners walk away with "a fantasy wedding that America will attend". The schedule is TBD. ~PC