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Video | "One Big Happy Family" Coles Family Sheds 327lbs!

The TLC series highlighting 4, whom collectively weighed in at nearly 1,400lbs - was only a start for the Coles family! Their show undoubtedly sparked conversations, some fury, and even relevancy to the obesity epidemic in the nation (distinctively - the black community). What initially looked to be an exploitation of the "operations" of an obese unit (some sanctioned the new-age Klumps), the show transformed into a better health comprehension and support mission.

Just how are they progressing in their healthy lifestyle changes (which was a vivid struggle on-air) after the cameras left? Mom is down 126lbs, Dad - 80lbs, Son - 46lbs, and Daughter - 75lbs! Peep their recent interview with Joy Behar on HLN: