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Actor Tracy Morgan Loses 10lbs, Talks Diabetes, NutriSystem® and Pilates

Sporting a 10 pound weight loss, the 30 Rock star (or to us devout Martin fans - Hustleman) proclaims health, as his motivation for embarking on a fitness and dietary change journey. The actor/comedian and self-appointed face of post-racial America, has always been outspoken about his experiences living with diabetes and hypertension. Both inflictions stemming from genetics, inferior food choices and alcohol dependency throughout his life. The 41yo decided to enlist the help of NutriSystem® and also took up pilates and kick boxing, with celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Colleen O'Brien.

“I eat Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Raisin Bran, they have nutrition bars that are delicious. I have them in my house. I have to cook my entrees [on the program]. I cheat sometimes, but I try not to.”

"My workout person has been with me for a year, since "Cop Out". We do kick boxing and other stuff too. She's tough on me, but at the same time, she loves me and she doesn't treat me bad in the gym. She's really aware of my diabetes and all those conditions."

"I'm not obese or anything, but I wanted to come down off the weight and lower my blood pressure. And I'm diabetic, it's great for that," he explains to USMagazine.

While I'm not thoroughly familiar with NS, I'm interested in finding out how much processing goes into their pre-packaged items and/or what part do natural food choices play throughout the program? In the meantime, congrats to the funny and most times annoying Tracy Morgan. "Chief!" ~PC