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LaLa Vazquez Sheds 15lbs w/ Bestie Kim Kardashian's Trainer

Despite being the fiancée of one of my many boyfriends (in my head) , I've always adored the style and swag of TV (MTV + VH1) personality, Ms. Alani "Lala" Vazquez. In the latest edition of Life & Style magazine, she dishes the details of her new reality show, July wedding plans to Denver Nuggets' forward Carmelo Anthony and recent fitness excursions with trainer Gunnar Peterson - courtesy of best friend's Ciara and Kim Kardasshian:
"Kim and Ciara have incredible bodies, so I thought, if he's the guy responsible for that, I need to get in there."

Managing food portions and partaking in a mix of cardio, weight training and core focus five days a week, she adds, "When you start seeing results, you stay motivated. Now I feel even more confident."