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Walk The Nation | Surgeon General Regina Benjamin's Push for Exercise!

Many were baffled by Barack Obama's decision to appoint plus-sized women to instrumental offices, in the infancy of his presidency. From Justice Sonya Sotomayor's life expectancy posed as a concern to Dr. Regina Benjamin's perceived ineptness to lead our nation's health efforts as Surgeon General - both, being presumably overweight. Well, despite it all, Dr. Benjamin proudly took her post and is still stuntin' on you ho*coughs* naysayers.

As a Southern 'second line' dancer and developing mountain-climber (with past feats on Mt. Massive, Aspen Mnt., Sundance Mnt. and the Grand Canyon this Fall), the Surgeon General also kicked off the "Walk the Nation" series last week, in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine - in Baltimore, MD. Following her speaking engagements, she plans to strap up her kicks and take a stroll with attendees!
"I take it slow. I'm in no rush. Hopefully, [the community] will join me and we'll do it together," she reassuringly states, "The goal isn't to lose weight. It's to be healthy and enjoy it. It's one step at a time."
During Benjamin's stop in B-more, she filled a sweeping prescription for America - to exercise! As she put it, "A 30-minute walk is better than any pill." Tackling health is indeed an uphill battle, thank goodness we have a Surgeon General who can handle the climb. *cue Miley Cyrus* ~PC