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'Hot Mess Fitness' King James Presents 'I Want To Date My Trainer'

When one concept fails, you add more ridiculousness to it and try again? Oh, ok. I blogged about this clown a while ago and as predicted, nobody was checking for his Hot Mess Fitness reality show idea. A production that showcased misogynistic and disgusting (verbal abuse / plastic bat spankings) tactics to physically-train female participants.

Yet, unfortunately, "King James" is back. And this time, he wants to make one of those 'lucky' women he whips (literally) into shape - his!
"It's Bad Girl's Club, Flavor of Love, Biggest Loser and Hot Mess Fitness all rolled into one."
Like, is this serious?  That top hat/do-rag combo? You know what? I just need to end this post right here, LOL! ~PC