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Preview | Style Network's Too Fat for Fifteen: Fighting Back

'Too Fat for Fifteen' is a new Style Network (home of Ruby) series, exploring the experiences of 5 teenagers, enrolled in Wellspring Academy. A leading organization of weight loss camps and residential treatment programs for overweight children, adolescents and young adults.

The show highlights newbies and veterans of the school, including 17yo Terrina, who was sent to Wellspring by her Seminole tribal elders. And Tanisha, the heaviest participant at the camp.

When I first saw the preview for this new series, of course, it tugged at my heart. Not only seeing youth struggle with this epidemic of obesity - it's further troubling that our habits and increasingly destructive lifestyles as a society, are what's causing it. I'm sure the show will be of a more nurturing nature, sans yelling and screaming or the lure of prize money - but thinnertainment (c.) ... has a new face and unfortunately, our children are the stars. Premiers: Monday, August 9th @ 8pm EST on Style.