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Weight Loss Before and Afters | Sara Rue, Drew Carey + John Goodman

Quite a few stars have stayed on their health/fitness grinds this year ... with new figures, to show for it ...


Actress and Jenny Craig® spokesperson Sara Rue, recently announced that she reached her weight loss goal of 50 pounds on the program! In a celebratory video blog, she proudly (and tearfully) shares her feelings about the 7-month process:

Comedian and hosting-heir of the 'Price is Right' game show, Drew Carey, turned heads with his dramatic 80 pound weight loss. Stating that he was "... sick of being fat on the camera," the 52 year-old began making major changes to his diet (primarily, carb restrictions) and started a concentrated workout routine. He also claims to have rid himself of type 2 diabetes.

Actor John Goodman (or to 90's kids like me, who will forever call him Dan Conner) emerged a thinner man, as Creighton Bernette on the new HBO series, Tremé. Not tauting any particular plans, he's been quite modest about the transformation - leading some to speculate it was the result of weight loss surgery. However, he entertains inquiries of 'how' he lost over 100 pounds by saying, "I just wanted to live a better life." Along with cutting out all sugar from his diet and working out 6 days a week.