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Mme's Links | Jillian to Sue L.A. Times, Fit Travel Tips, Kelly Osbourne Wants Her Size 14's Back + The Cash Diet

Jillian Michaels, allegedly displaying
incorrect form during a kettlebell
instruction. Illustrations are not of my
doing, lol.
1. J.M. told me to tell y'all that she ain't gon' be too many more of your "unqualified trainers!" After a trenchant L.A. Times article written by health expert, James S. Fell hit the web - the 'Biggest Loser' trainer quickly fired back. Questioning her certification credentials and fitness techniques in the piece, Fell deduced her to "an actress playing the role of fitness trainer." Ouch.

Claiming the article was shameful, Michaels is threatening suit for libel and defamation. Hey, if she pursues and wins, maybe it'll counterbalance the lawsuits still emerging against her for those 'fat burner' pills she pushes.

2. Whether you travel minimally or jet-set, there's no reason to put your healthy habits on vacation too! Check out these awesome tips on enjoying the trip and staying fit (I totally didn't mean to make that rhyme, but when you're a dope emcee like me - things just flow, lol.) | Eunice's How-To's: Fit Traveling (Food for Fit)

3. After an astounding weight loss and a media interview blitz sharing her story and tips, the former 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant, is over it. Fearful of gaining weight in the public light, paranoia over missing workouts and a disdain for counting calories - has the left Osbourne feeling like being a size 8 is "too much pressure." | "Kelly Osbourne: I want to be a size 14 again" (Now Magazine)

4. Recent studies suggest that if you grocery shop with cash in hand, as opposed to credit or debit cards, you're likely to spend less mindlessly. Noting that the mental factor of seeing your money deplete in real-time and not on a statement, pushes people to make healthier choices. My BFF (in my head), Suze Orman would approve of this! #TeamBackToCashMovement |  "Try the Ca$h Diet" (IOL Lifestyle)