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Radio + TV Host, Steve Harvey to 'Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days'

'Family Feud' host and 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man' author, Steve Harvey, recently announced on his radio show that he's on a mission to lose 21 pounds in 21 days. His method? Forgoing the consumption of solid food, to follow the "Martha's Vineyard Detox Diet" program. Which is in my opinion, another glorified starvation diet. One that has no scientific backing and is devoid of protein, essential fats, fiber and adequate calories.

Tapped as the new spokesperson for the '21 in 21' program, Harvey will be counseled by the plan's creator, Roni DeLuz. Both encouraging his radio and television fans to "join in," by purchasing associated materials, meal shakes and you guessed it - supplements! With a special section dedicated to his journey on the company's website and a FaceBook page, Harvey will routinely weigh in, to remain accountable during the effort. Fans and followers of the program are also able to report their progress. Umm, that's after they fork over that estimated $250-$300 in complete costs.

I take issue with this, as it's another nutritionally unsound program that sets participants up to fail and sends the wrong message. Food and chewing are not enemies in our weight loss efforts! It's our warped perceptions of food. Until we learn how to eat healthier choices and in ideal proportions ... no temporary cleanse or starvation diet is going to hold much promise, long-term.

I'll admit, I'm a cynic when it comes to what's marketed to those in pursuit of weight loss and I know Steve's getting a check for this ... but is it worth it? Many wouldn't take relationship advice from Steve Harvey and I certainly wouldn't follow his lead on this, either.