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U.S.S.G. Regina Benjamin's 'Health at Every Size' Stance

It's known, I've had my quorums with some "Health At Every Size" (HAES) advocates. A movement that pushes to debunk the stigma and prejudices surrounding people of size. Due in part by my admitted ignorance and personal experiences in witnessing how too much "size" (attributed to poor standards of nutrition and inactivity) was detrimental to my health and to the health of those in my community.

But, United States Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin stated earlier in the year, that she wished to,
"... change the National conversation about obesity and illness, to a positive conversation about being healthy and fit."
I can respect that and am willing to listen. It was certainly a bold step, coming from someone who was once ridiculed and deemed an inappropriate choice to be the voice of American health. Primarily because, she is by most standards considered "overweight."

Now, my question is, do think this approach will be effective? We know we're all fat. It's drilled into our minds in the media, by the First Lady ... we get it. Do you think it's time to turn the tide on the weight aspect of the average American ... and begin focusing on merely being a healthy individual? Is pointing out someone's weight, repeatedly, working? I mean, it works/ed for those us who set out to purposely lose weight, but what about the rest of our country ...