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Jennifer Hudson to Reveal New Song "Feeling Good" Inspired by Weight Loss

While Weight Watchers® is preparing to officially announce sweeping changes to its program, one thing is staying the same - their stunning spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson. 

Hudson is reportedly very enthusiastic about the upcoming promotional tour of the new PointsPlus® program (a Points formula overhaul designed to better calculate the nutritional value of food). And after dropping a lot of dress sizes (16 to 6), the songstress will also be dropping a new single titled "Feeling Good," (to the tune of the original The Roar of the Greasepaint production) as a musical ode to her healthy living journey:

"Basically (the song) is the perfect way to describe this journey and how it's left me feeling," Hudson told Reuters. "If I could bottle everything inside me and tell others to help motivate them, then this is it. I know so many people out there who are on the same path."

I know I'm not the only one who got into her little ♪Win, win, wiiin and ♪I can I can, I cannn diddies, during the last round of commercials. I guess I'll get to vocally butcher another tune, when the ads featuring "Feeling Good," hit the airwaves - December 26th. Be sure to check back for updates and/or links to the song.