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Rapper Paul Wall's 100 Pound Weight Loss

First Mike Jones (who?), now another Swishahouse Records act is sporting a new physique. Paul Wall, the "Sittin' Sidewayz" rapper and ice grill connoisseur, recently chopped it up with Ozone Magazine about his dramatic weight loss surgery transformation:

When did you decide to get serious about losing weight?
Honestly, when we were in Afghanistan and [reps for VH1's] Celebrity Fit Club were contacting [me] about coming on the show. That was a hell of a wake-up call. [Being fat] isn’t a secret. You can look in the mirror and try to hide it and cover it up, and it may work here or there, but there ain’t no shirt or hat you can put on or haircut you can get to hide the fact that you’re morbidly obese.
What kind of weight loss surgery did you get?
The surgery I got is called gastric sleeve. There’s three kinds: gastric bypass, lap band, and the gastric sleeve. Gastric bypass is the one where you lose the most weight the quickest; it’s for people who are 400-500 pounds and have health problems that they need to fix right away.
[My weight] has been up and down my whole life, so I wanted to do something to permanently fix the problem. Since going back and forth on the drugs for years and taking diet pills, my metabolism was really gone. So I decided to go with the gastric sleeve, because it’s a little more serious than the lap band.
Having lost 100 pounds, do you see a noticeable difference in your life?
Yeah, hands down. I feel like I got my life back. When you’re so big like that, it’s embarrassing. I didn’t want to go out and be seen. I felt uncomfortable because I’m not used to being that big. 
I’d be on stage feeling like I was about to collapse. I’d get dizzy spells. I’d be on the airplane and have to ask for seatbelt extensions. Once you go up in the air, it’s really hard to breath. I was just thinking, “What if I have a heart attack?” I want to be here for my kids. I don’t want to have a heart attack. My son is four and my daughter is two and a half. The doctor told me that when you’re 50 pounds overweight, it takes 15 years off your life. So it literally saved my life.
Have you been working out too?
Nah. I’ve probably worked out twice since I had [the surgery] and that was just a light workout.

I'm really happy for him and I'mma let him finish, but I'm sure he's been told that the "honeymoon" stage of the bariatric surgery is what he's currently experiencing. It's the phase post-op, when the weight (in the form of muscle also) is quickly relinquished - with little effort for the first few years. Eventually, homie is going to have to develop a real fitness and nutritional routine if he wishes to keep it off. Here's to hoping he recognizes this for the sake of his improved health and most importantly, his children. Congrats Paul, keep it pimpin' pimpin'.


Source: Ozone Magazine via NecoleBitchie.com