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Brandy Norwood, Cee Lo Green 'Going Veg' for Better Health

Singer Brandy, a known vegetarian and former vegan, is heading back to Veganville. The Dancing with the Stars finalist revealed this to US Magazine when asked what her New Year's resolutions for 2011 were:
“Just being healthier,” Brandy said. “I’m going to try to go back to being a vegan.”
Another celebrity with veg dreams is the eccentric and uniquely-voiced performer/producer, Cee Lo Green. The stout 35yo grandfather (yes, grandfather) wants to get healthier for his family. He told the Sun Newspaper:

“I think I’m gonna stop eating meat. Eating is probably my only vice. I love great food and I love to eat. So I’d like to see myself committed to that correction. But it’s definitely about being healthy." He adds, "I feel like that is the missing link. If I could get that one vice under control, there's no telling what I could accomplish. I've got to live as close to forever as I can. I've got to stick around for my little ones."

Now, we all know that vegetarianism and veganism don't necessarily translate to healthy. You may be familiar with the term "mac & cheese vegetarians." Those who don't eat meat, nor do they see it for real, well, fruits and vegetables (subsisting on all processed everything). Interpretation is on the individual, respectfully and I'm sure their commitment to their new dietary lifestyles will be in line with what is actually going to aide in their health objectives.

So, good luck to Brandy (her alter rap ego Bran' Nu too) and Mr. "F$*% You" in their transition to team vegan and vegetarian! It was definitely a wonderful experience for me becoming vegetarian and transitioning to veganism last year, full-time. I will admit though, I had a hard time breaking up with cheese. At one point I considered naming my first born Feta.

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