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Oprah and Staff of 378 Take a One Week Vegan Challenge

I dare not slander Oprah, as she could buy out the lives of me and all those that succeed me in genealogy, for years to come. So, I'll keep it cute.

The retirement-impending talk show host and media mogul, will reveal on tomorrow's show - the results of a one week "Vegan Challenge" herself and all 378 members of her Harpo (who dis wo'man?) staff, participated in. Talk about a team-building exercise! The bunch forwent consumption of any meat or animal-based products, to explore the results of such a drastic dietary shift. Now, I went vegan voluntarily, but I guess if Oprah tells you to put down the cheese ... you just do it!

Tomorrow's episode of
Oprah will also feature renowned journalist, Lisa Ling and best-selling author and nutritional activist, Michael Pollan.