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Tisha Campbell-Martin (Gina!) Talks Women's Health and Yoplait®

Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, best known for her role as "Gina" from the 90's sitcom, Martin, is working alongside Yoplait® these days to spread awareness on the importance of African-American women's health and self-care:

"You take care of your children, your family, your community, your job, often putting your needs and your health last. Ladies, let's change that today. Begin your journey toward a healthier tomorrow by doing simple, easy things today."

For more info, visit the Yoplait® Today campaign site for Tisha's blog, daily tips and coupons!

On another note, the 'Biggie Smalls' episode of Martin - where her and Pam were vocally competing against each other = a classic. Sang, Anita Faker!