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Really? | Goonin' for Girl Scout Cookies, White Castle Wedding + GaGa's Drunk Diet

Formerly known on the blog as the WTH? Files, my response to some of the foolishness I run across now, can simply be captured as ... REALLY?

My city (Colubmus, represent!) has been making national news quite a bit this year. First, the discovery of Ted Williams with the 'Golden Voice' and now Jonita and Rembert bka the 'Slider Lovebirds.'

I was making the drive into work this week, station surfing, when I stopped on our local Hip Hop and R&B frequency, Power 107.5. Morning DJs, Konata and Misty Jordan, were discussing their plans to attend a fabulous local wedding after the show's end. I assumed it was some ex-Buckeye baller, or by the way they were bigging it up, that the royals chose to ditch their plans across the pond to elope here in our capital city! Both speculations, were far from the truth and my understanding. The ceremony that they spoke of was actually that of a couple who decided to share their vows and hold the reception at a White Castle Restaurant ...

Box of Thin Mints: $3.50
This Twisted Lip Mugshot: Priceless
Girl Scout cookie season presents a distinct hustle and customer struggle. Samoas used to be my weakness and when they finally arrived ... err, three months after I placed my annual order, I was immensely protective of them! Like, you had to be next of kin to even get near my stash. So, this story is something I can mildly relate to. After coming home to discover that her last box (oh hell naw!) of Girl Scout Thin Mints were missing, Florida woman Hersha Howard awoke her sleeping roommate, Jasmine Wanke, to get some answers. Upon not getting the response she had hoped for (that they were somewhere safe and uneaten), it got ugly! 'Bows were thrown, fists were flung, scissors were waved and boobs ... were bitten o_O. Police were dispatched to the residence, where Hersha (#thatname) was arrested and booked for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Damn.

Gaga needs to go back into her egg. Always upstaging herself with her own peculiarities, she alluded that the secret to her amazing abs ... was whiskey:
"I'm on the drunk diet," the button-pushing pop star said on the Sirius Morning Mash Up radio show. "I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I'm working. "But the deal is, I've got to work out every day and I work out hung over if I'm hung over."
It's disturbing to think that her little "Monsters" would believe this or even worse, attempt this. And it's no coincidence that her boyfriend, Luc Carl, is releasing a book soon entitled "The Drunk Diet." Supposedly aimed at detailing his life as party-promoter who managed to lose 40 pounds. Like I said GaGa, back to your egg!