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Janet Jackson's True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself

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Topping the New York Times' best-seller list, singer and actress Janet Jackson, is opening up in her new motivational/self-help memoir, True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself. To the disappointment of some, True You is not a 'tell-all' book, per se. There are no revelations of that alleged secret daughter or details surrounding her split with ATL producer, Jermaine Dupri. But, it is still a very intimate publication.

A project the book's author, David Ritz, says took close to 4 years to complete, Janet "Miss Jackson if ya nasty" (couldn't resist) illustrates her personal journey in conquering self-esteem and body image issues throughout her tenure in the entertainment industry. Both dating back to her days as "Penny" on Good Times, when she was placed on diets and whose adolescent development was shamed, to her yo-yoing weight as she struggled with emotional eating in adulthood. Finished with contouring to the demands of Hollywood, at 44, she is proud of who she has become and what she has overcome.

Are you, or will you be reading?

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