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Jordin Sparks' 30 Pound Weight Loss: Before & After

It looks like Screamin' Jenny isn't the only American Idol contestant to go on that Kanye West workout plan. Over the weekend, 21 year-old singer and plus-size model, Jordin Sparks, hit the red carpet of Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix, AZ - wearing a fire number! And understood to have shed around 30 pounds and 6 dress sizes, since her last major appearance. She definitely turned heads and left the paparazzi in a dizzy with her new figure and beaming smile.

Sparks at Muhammad Ali's
Celebrity Fight Night - 3/19/11
Unmoved by the culture of thin chic in Hollywood, the starlet vowed to embrace her body no matter what and to lose weight on her own time. If you recall, parents and pundits were outraged that an *gasps* "overweight" teen would be seen as a role model to their youth, following her debut. In response, she was urged to lose weight to broaden her marketing appeal.
"I love food and I love my curves," she professed early in her career. "I'm very strong-willed and I'm stubborn in that sense to where I'm just like 'No, I won't be that way.'"
I guess her time is now? Over the last few years, the No Air vocalist began to adhere to a portion-controlled healthy eating plan and took up the help of a personal trainer. She describes her fitness experience as sometimes challenging, yet enjoyable:
"[My trainer] doesn't keep the same thing every time, so he shocks the body. So you're running, you're doing throw-downs, you're doing stairs, you're doing lunges. She added, "Anytime I find time - or I'm not sleeping - he's like, 'Let's work out, let's do something.' I'm like 'Nooo!' but he gets my butt up and I've got to do it. It's fun to do that."
P.S. Hey girl, hey! Can I borrow that dress?