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New OWN Series | Addicted to Food

While we still have people balancing eggs on the back of frying pans, in an attempt to gain extended time on ranches - there's a new wave of seemingly, more dignified weight loss reality shows hitting the TV. The latest being a docu-series presented on Queen Oprah's OWN channel, entitled, Addicted to Food:

The program follows eight people with eating disorders as they forge through a 42-day treatment program at Shades of Hope, an intense rehab center in Abilene, Texas. Maverick therapist Tennie McCarty uses unorthodox methods and a tough-love approach, asking her clients to confront the painful issues in their lives that have led them to use food as an escape.

Sidenote: The series will highlight Gospel artist, DeJuaii Pace of the legendary Anointed Pace Sisters. She reportedly comes out of the proverbial closet, as a lesbian, at age 45. Working through her long-time fears of shame for her lifestyle, she'll take steps towards achieving pride in who she really is. And learn that her addiction, weight and insecurities do not define her.

Series premiere of Addicted to Food airs on Tuesday, April 5th at 10pm EST/9pm C