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Eating Clean Without Droppin' Racks on Racks on Racks!

The wave of appreciation for clean eating, or consuming food closest to its natural source, is growing! Food manufactures are gradually beginning to omit artificial substances and restaurants are moving towards utilizing fresh items in their dishes. And while I'm not a full-time clean eater, I think aligning myself with a diet that consisted primarily of non-processed foods - absolutely helped/s boost my weight loss and overall health.

Now, calories, carbohydrates, fat, etc., etc. are all great factors to examine, when focusing on weight loss. However, I think we first should get back to the root of food ... clean eating aka consuming real food - before we even get to that point. God didn't make any mistakes, IMO. And He provided us, naturally, with everything we need to survive on this Earth. As I've said time and time again: Food doesn't need help being food! However, we've allowed corporations (so-called diet brands included) to transform our means of nourishment, to preserve and stretch resources, to save a buck - and to keep us coming back. But what is it costing US in the end?

It's also very unfortunate that an overwhelming perception is that clean items, namely fruits and veggies, are too expensive! Admittedly, I've given many displays of cherries a Nicki Minaj scrunch face, after my eyes scrolled to the per pound price. But I'd wholly implore everyone to dig a little deeper; research, buy in season and local, reassess financial priorities and give it another go!

In a recent video posted by Sean Croxton (founder of Undeground Wellness), he takes a trip with Josh Trent (founder of Wellness Force) to Jimbo's....Naturally, on a mission to buy real food, with only $20 in their wallet. This a great illustration that despite the rise in food costs, diverse and affordable options can still be selected. The point is also driven home that convenience costs! I was absolutely one of those people that would justify buying a family meal from Popeye's, because it was cheaper than going to the store and cooking it myself. When in all actuality, I was really paying more ... for convenience.

I thought it was also cool to see in the video, how simple decisions such as buying your meat from the butcher directly and not in pre-packaged bundles was a save move. Sidenote: Round of a applause for men who go grocery shopping! Thumbs down for that dancing in the beginning, though. o_O

Some other awesome resources for eating clean and real, without breaking the bank are ...

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Summer is approaching, let's explore, eat clean and begin/continue to enjoy those flavors that the Earth provides! Umm, and watch our waistlines whittle in the process?