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Raven-Symoné's Weight Loss + Wendy Williams Appearance

When pictures of actress, Raven-Symoné's weight loss transformation hit the web, our jaws dropped ... while she just rolled her eyes. Noted for saying, "I thought I looked fabulous before," the wealthy starlet is still keeping her weight loss discussion to a minimum. Even on her "big sister" Wendy Williams' show. I think "auntie" would've been more appropriate, but I digress. 

Well, Raven has received a bounty of criticism for NOT speaking out about the details of her weight loss. Some even ASSume it's because she underwent surgery to achieve her new physique. And these people generally don't know Raven personally and lack medical degrees.  

I guess she didn't get the memo that when you're a celebrity and you lose weight - you have to make a spectacle out of it; get a sponsor (or two) and motivate others to do the same. 'Tis your duty! However, I believe she has every right to NOT share the ends and outs of her journey. For some of us, it's a major part of our lives - while others ... it's just weight. She made some life changes and the weight went away. End of story? 

She continues to hold true to her initial claims that "less stress" was her method to the shedding of the pounds. And that her diet and exercise (nothing strenuous because she doesn't like to sweat #blackgirlproblems) hasn't changed much. I can live with that - sans throwing shade or demanding more of an explanation. 

P.S. I guess this can also be flipped to speak on Jordin Sparks' now infamous bikini twit pic, following her weight loss. I won't post it here - but it's everywhere. I just think you can't win for losing sometimes. People started dogging her because they felt like she was a hypocrite and was rubbing her weight loss in the faces of the plus-size women she left behind. Blah. At the end of the day, whether you're in the limelight or not, all you should be is true to yourself. It's your life, it's your story, it's your journey - not theirs. *shrugs*