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Really? | No Country for Ronald, Bucked Naked Gyms, Paula Deen's Butter Love

Activist are trying to send McDonald's long-time mascot, Ronald McDonald, to Myra's unemployment line from Martin. And, I think it's just silly. As the person behind the Twitter Whale account put it:
I am aware that children are impressionable, but if you remove Ronald, who and what brand or brand's ambassador will be next? Remember, legislation was established to remove toys from the restaurant chain's 'Happy Meal,' in San Francisco, so I guess this was next. When it comes to this issue of childhood obesity, I see a bunch of finger-pointing and blame-placing. When the call to action should be directed at parents and guardians ... not necessarily Ronald. No one clown should have all that power!

We all know how glorious the feeling of de-braing is at the end of the day. Well, Easy Gym located in Arrigorriaga, Spain wants you to have that feeling before you hit their cardio room. In an effort to revitalize the enthusiasm about their full-faceted workout facility, the owners of Easy (lol) Gym decided to turn into a nudist-friendly establishment. The first of its kind, the idea is generating interest in other parts of the World. So, I guess one could say there's going to be an uprising of similar gym models, in the near future? *snickers* Now, I am notorious for looking in the mirror while I'm on the treadmill, you know, to see if anything has changed from 5 minutes ago, when I started running. I also use the visual to get amped about changing some of the things I want to physically improve. So, I guess if you remove clothes, that would be one hell of an added motivator to keep going. On a serious note, I have more questions than answers - mostly involving the hygienic aspect of this. You know ... actually, I'd care not to think about it ... beyond this paragraph. Yeah. Eww.

Seeing as my name is Paula Jene, I always feel a need to defend this woman and her heart-attacking ways, but I always end up at a loss for words. Ehxibit #ZA409E: Removing butter, from Chef Robert Irvine's abs at the 2011 South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Sigh.