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How Toni Braxton Keeps it Tight!

Toni Braxton at Clive Davis' 2010
Pre-Grammy Gala

Singer and the most reasonable sister and reality star of The Braxton Family Values, Toni Braxton -  undeniably has maintained one of the best physiques in the business. And the 43 year-old entertainer, has never been one to hide it, on stage.

With a medical past of microvascular angina (vein complications), breast cancer and now battling lupus - she has certainly undergone a wide spectrum of detrimental health statuses. But in her eyes, it's all the more reason to stay fit and eat healthily.

The Breathe Again performer shared with OK! Magazine a snapshot of her daily routine and food choices. Crediting her physique to elliptical training, cycling and her love of those ever-popular Zumba workout DVDs - the star averages an hour of exercise a day. She also works out with a personal trainer, when there's room in the budget. That wasn't shade, we all know Toni's money has been funny.

Fats: 2g Carbs: 66g Protein: 6g Cals: 281
“I had fruit - I eat an orange and an apple every day - and a piece of toast,” says Toni. “And I had tea; I’m a tea girl.”
Fats 24g Carbs 55g Protein 55g Cals: 656
“I like a tuna sandwich and a small bag of chips. I think it’s important to eat well, but you have to give your body some rewards for doing a great job and being disciplined… but in moderation.”
Fats: 1g Carbs: 65g Protein: 5g Cals: 258
"I had an orange. I love citrus. I had oranges three or four times during the day. Protein’s really important for me, but I think it’s really important to mix up the fruit and vegetables.”
Fats: 69g Carbs: 45g Protein: 41g Cals: 818
“I had a Greek salad. I added some slices of beef, which is really delicious.” Keen to pass on healthy habits to her two sons, she adds, “I teach my kids that too much fast food is too much, so I limit that. And I tell them to drink water.”
OVERALL: Fats 96g Carbs: 231g PROTEIN 107g 1,651 CALS

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