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Jill Scott Talks 50-Pound Weight Loss

"In the hood, I gain weight - I was pregnant. I lose weight - I'm on crack." - Jill Scott

Ain't that how it goes, lol!? Gracing the cover of June's Ebony magazine, in celebration of Black Music Month, singer/actress Jill Scott is serving it - as usual! And if you notice, she's serving it about 50 pounds lighter. Give or take some standard Photoshop practices.

Jill Scott in-studio at "The Big Tigger Morning Show with Free"
During a recent interview with BET legends - turned AM DJs, Free and Big Tigger ... the Philadelphia native attests her recent weight loss success to being inspired by motherhood. She wanted to "be there" for her 2 year-old son. And not just in the sense of living, but being able to climb, run and jump right alongside him. She also sings the praises of her non-conventional personal trainer; who makes working out, not feel like working out. That's always a win!

Jilly from Philly is another person in the limelight - who reveres her weight loss as an obvious choice, aimed at better health. It doesn't add, nor negate to the awesome woman and performer that she is. And that rocks:
"People make a big deal out of this 'Oh you lost weight!' 'Oh you gained weight!' I'm used to this. I'm still me. Losing weight or gaining weight does not make me any smarter. It doesn't make me any more sexy. It doesn't make me more... anything. I'm still me."
With 11 years in the mainstream game, being her  - is clearly a winning formula. Her fourth studio album, Light of the Sun, will be released June 21st.

P.S. Is her latest song, So in Love With You, with Anthony Hamilton NOT the jam, though!? Whooo child!