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Links | It's Bob Harper's Turn to Push Pills + J-Hud Rep Denies Surgery Rumors

Despite Jillian Michaels' weight loss supplement lawsuit scare - the line has been a successful one, in regards to sales. And it looks like her Biggest Loser training counter-part, Bob Harper, is getting in on the profits party, too.  When both of America's "toughest (media) trainers," resort to selling pills ... what is to be implied? What's even more chuckle-worthy is the fact that the line is called SMART, with a tag line of "The Smarter Way to Lose Weight." Bob, you know you don' f@#*ed up, right?

Screamin' Jenny, strutting it on the GMA
Last week, following her Good Morning America Summer Concert Series performance, Jennifer Hudson was whisked away to the hospital due to severe stomach pains. I knew it wouldn't be long before it was assumed that her sudden ailment was a result of complications from her alleged weight loss surgery. In defense of these accusations, people from Jennifer's camp have been making the facts known. Is the idea of massive weight loss for Black women, that far-fetched? Is it really hard to believe she did this without an operation or ... crack? Geez.
"Lap Band Surgery is the first thing out of haters mouths when a woman of color loses a large amount of weight, not so fast. 

The Facts: Jennifer’s weight loss journey lasted 20 months (not 3 or 6) and it began days after her son’s birth in August of 2009. Her journey began by walking several miles a day and totally changing her eating habits. For a year she ate nothing but baked chicken or fish with brown rice and veggies and lost only about 20 pounds or so. Racked with frustration Jenn switched over to Weight Watchers which taught her portion control and the right combinations of food. WW in tandem with a 5-6 day a week workout routine caused the pounds to fall off. 
Jennifer does not eat tiny bites, she eats a full meal 5 times or so a day. She did not have Lap Band or any other type of weight loss surgery, period. 
Just because Star Jones lied does not mean that every Black woman lies about her weight loss journey. And do you really believe that Weight Watchers would open themselves to possible lawsuits of false advertising for Jennifer Hudson? I think not."