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"Sexy Abs" Behind the Scenes of Kelly Rowland + Jeanette Jenkins' Workout DVD

As announced a few weeks ago, singer Kelly Rowland and celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins were in production of a joint workout presentation. Well, the project will be released this Fall and is entitled Sexy Abs. Heck, sexy abs? I honestly don't need to hear any more ... I'm sold.

From NecoleBitchie.com:
Are Kelly Rowland’s abs your ‘Motivation’? Well, you are in luck! Kelly Rowland and celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins will be releasing a new Workout DVD, titled ‘Sexy Abs’. The DVD will give fans unique access to the same midsection sculpting exercises that have helped shaped Kelly’s own sexy abs, with her own trainer and music throughout.

Check out the exclusive on-set footage, below. Kelly dishes on her holistic approach to wellness; eating healthily, working out and making time for herself. And even reveals who her fitspiration is. Hint: Their name rhymes with Alle Erry. And Jeanette puts on her fitness professional hat and throws out some cool tips: