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Women Who WORK It | Watermelon-Crushing Thighs? Show-off.

If I tried this, someone would have to call the
#Ambalamps to peel me off of those steps.
Anowa Adjah is truly a powerhouse. The self-proclaimed "200-Pound Fitness Phenom," is crushing myths about weight, full-figured flexibility and feminine strength:

The accomplished Temple University graduate is not only a fitness guru, model and choreographer ... but she also tries her hand at motivational speaking. Taking her powerhouse message to the community; spreading knowledge on health, wellness, exercise and even self-confidence to young women and girls - through workshop tours:
"Working out, looking your best, feeling your best - that confidence - is like a roller-coaster effect. It pretty much stems into everything in your life."

For more info about Anowa and her Powerhouse Workout, Wellness & Empowerment Workshops, check her out here! And to see more instructional workout videos and showing-off physical dexterity, check out her YouTube channel here!

P.S. Umm ... I once popped a water balloon with my thighs during a pool party game. Not the same? Whatever.