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For Weight Loss, Don't Sleep on Sleep!

If you're on a weight loss or wellness journey and have ever uttered the words, "I'll sleep when I die, son!" - this post is for you...

Our body tells us that it's hungry and we eat. However, we are less likely to listen to our body when it's craving rest. Studies suggest that nearly 40% of Americans are moderately to severely sleep-deprived. Yikes. Sure our physical abilities weaken, we become noticeably sluggish, or even cranky during these times, but those are just symptoms. What else are we shortchanging when we shortchange on shut-eye? A lot, including weight loss efforts.

Now, I understand that many don't have lifestyles that accommodate to lengthy down periods. I also realize that there are many who suffer from sleep afflictions. And by no means is this an indictment on your situation. I experience a temporary medicinal-fueled form of insomnia with an MS therapy I undergo a few times a year and it sucks! But, I'm talking about when I have the natural ability to sleep and don't - along with others. Be it a television show, a blog post we just had to get off of our chest or whatever - trading in sleep for non-essential activities, can contribute to weight gain and unwanted weight maintenance. As trainer and nutrition guru, Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness explains: 
"We need to wake up (after a good night’s sleep, of course) and get back in tune with nature in more ways that just eating whole foods and moving our bodies."

I only recently re-discovered the wonderfulness of sleep. Ages 18 up until I hit 25, with school, work and other responsibilities - I ran on fumes and youth, lol? Rounding out 2010, when my lack of rest was proving to be destructive - I began striving for at least 7 hours and then 8 hours. Well, I'm happy to report that I'm there! And if I get a minute less, I can feel it, chile.

With my strenuous training regimen, I look at sleep now as a time for my body to not only relax, but to literally heal from all of the abuse I put it through - that day. Our body is a wonderful self-restorative and repairing machine. And grouped with the right nutrients, cleansing components of water and regular activity - getting adequate Zzzzzs will prove to be highly beneficial to our health objectives.

P.S. Does anybody remember that '01 Luda song he did with Three 6 Mafia, Go to Sleep? Explicit link, don't click on it you like puppies, or Jesus.

P.S.S. Oh, and if you ever need help falling asleep, might I suggest listening to the comatose-inducing sounds of Sade? She has to have some the most well-rested fans on this Earth! Word to Erika and Niki.

Bonne nuit!