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J-Hud Talks Twitter Beef and Defends Herself (AGAIN!?)

"I don't know why, somewhere along this weight loss, people forgot that I am from Chicago."

Well, my best friend (who doesn't know me), Jennifer Hudson, told me to tell y'all that she ain't gon' take too much more off y'alls stuff! The weight loss surgery rumors and questioning of her relationship with fiancĂ©e, David Otunga, all got to her this week. And she let one of her Twitter followers, who had something to say about both - have it. The exchange went on and on, so I chose to display the one with the least amount of expletives:

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While I would've loved to see her gracefully respond to the person (or heck, ignore), who clearly had an agenda when she first contacted her, she didn't. She definitely forgot she was singing for the President of the United States of America, last week. But, I can't judge. If all you hear, day in and out, is that you're a fraud - when you know your truth, one is susceptible to exploding.

She did, however, show some remorse for her knee-jerk Twitter response to that messy follower. Sharing with The Morning Riot, a local Chicago radio show:

(She speaks on this incident at the 2:45 mark)

Too often, people take the human aspect away from celebs. While they make more money than us, have resources beyond our scope - they're still people! If you wouldn't walk up to a stranger and accuse (not just question) them of having weight loss surgery - what gives you the right to do it on a social media platform? I know it's cool to bash celebs and diminish the importance of their efforts to things, we deal with too. But remember ... weight loss, fitness ... no matter what you make or who you are - takes work. Who cares that they can afford a trainer, or a home gym? Those aren't prerequisites to success. Does that make them less than a success? I don't think so. I do think if you're pushing a product or brand, you should expect to be questioned - but how many times does she have to answer?

*hands J-Hud back her earrings, she asked me to hold*

P.S. Did anyone else notice the #TeamSade as the woman who tried to come for her's profile name? No comment, lol. Too easy.

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