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Kimora Lee Simmons' Weight Loss

The mastermind of Baby Phat came under much criticism, earlier this year, over comments that indicated she had lost 25 pounds by simply "not eating." When in truth, her full statement (conveniently redacted by reporters) was by "not eating a whole lot." Adding, "I watch my portions, and I eat leaner proteins and vegetables and stuff like that." Not to mention ... keeping up with three children!

Inspired to lose weight, after a move to Los Angeles (where I just imagine people walking around in bikinis all day), the former super model showed us that her transformation was no temporary thing. She was recently spotted (literally), at her ex-husband/business partner Russell Simmons' Art for Life benefit - where she served as honorary co-chair of the philanthropic arts education initiative. Stunning!

P.S. None of the fund-raising events or dinners I have ever attended, made me feel like wearing leopard print was acceptable. I clearly, need a new charity social circle!

Source: KLS.com
Source: NecoleBitchie.com