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Cuffing Season | ADUB365 Fit's Partnered Workout Series

It's Fall and we are in the infancy of "cuffing season." Yes, that time of year when staying warm indoors is best done, with a boo. Well, instead of cuddling up and hibernating ... until next Spring/Summer rolls around, grab your partner and get active! Combat the upcoming holiday eating season and year-end workout drive deterioration, with some creative and effective moves - for two:

The fierce woman behind this series is Andia Winslow. A Yale University graduate (fancy, huh?), professional golfer and certified fitness professional, whose efforts have been featured by Mashable and Heart and Soul Magazine.

Although an intellect and an artist, Andia is perhaps best known for her passion and pure athleticism. She hails from a family of athletes that includes current and former NFL players, a professional basketball player and martial artists. She is a formidable on-course competitor - who trained for a time with USA Track & Field - and serves as a professional athlete ambassador for the Women’s Sports Foundation and the LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf Program. Believing that “the best experiences are those that are shared,” Andia conducts clinics and speaks around the country promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity for youth and adults. [Source]
For more of Andia's fitness demonstrations, including solo activities you can perform right at home - be sure to check out her out:
YouTube | ADUB365Fit

Twitter | @AndiaWinslow

Disclaimer: As I was advised, please practice precaution when attempting the presented moves. I, nor those associated with ADUB365 Fit, can take responsibility if your partner's arms get tired and he drops you performing that "Buffalo Soldiers" move - or any of the others. Honestly, I love hubby, but I'on know him all like that to be trusting him with that one, yet. We need to put some more years into this marriage thing, first.