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Jennifer Hudson Opens Her Own Weight Watchers® Center

I think she's preparing to fly off, with all of those birds.
Singer/Actress and 80-pound weight loss success story, Jennifer Hudson, is taking her belief in the Weight Watchers® system to new heights. Cutting the ribbon to a new program center - bearing her name - she opened the doors to a full-service facility in the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago's South side. Coincidentally, the center is only a few blocks away from the First Family's other home.

Chicago Alderman Will Burns, Jennifer Hudson and Chicago Mayor Emanuel
At the unveiling, Jennifer was accompanied by now Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who coined her "Chicago's Ambassador to the World At-Large." J-Hud, a major campaign supporter of Emanuel's (upon resignation of his White House post to run), could call this a returned favor. Ahh, politics.

Mayor Emanuel, J-Hud
Emanuel explains:
"Hudson's work as a spokeswoman for the weight loss company promotes a healthy lifestyle and dovetails with his initiative to institute a 'wellness program' for city workers that rewards employees with lower health care costs for participating." Emanuel also drew a connection between Hudson's weight loss work and his attempts to end 'food deserts' in Chicago by bringing in more fresh food options. 
He added, "While this center is focused on weight loss, it's also about healthy living, not just about weight loss."
On the part of the company and Jennifer Hudson, this is kind of genius. I perceive there will be no issues in  membership acquisition, nor revenue. While her commercials have tired many -  her story, down-to-Earth demeanor and continued success, have inspired even more.