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Keri Hilson Joins Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Campaign, Debuts 'Pretty Girls Sweat' Routine

Singer Keri Hilson pulled a Beyoncé and contributed to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign with some dancing -  as part of Teen Diaries' 'Project Butterfly'. Donning a ‘Pretty Girls Sweat’ tee, a play on her hit single, Pretty Girl Rock, she taught 100 girls her themed choreography, along with other exercises - geared towards fitness and fun.

The event festivities included a workshop where the girls addressed issues concerning, nutrition, physical activity and body image; specifically how to embrace their physical uniqueness, despite the media's (and society's) status quo.

As Miss Jia put it, regarding another artist, "Beyoncé’s pregnancy has ignited the 'I can do it' in everybody," lol. But, I'ma let Miss Keri Baaaaabay be great with this one.