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Saran Dunmore + Her Fraternity/Sorority Step-Inspired Fitness Routine

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member, personal trainer and counselor on the hit MTV series, I Used to be Fat, Saran Dunmore  - wants to take you back to your college days! Wait, before you get nervous, I'm talking about the fun stuff. You know, parties and greek step shows, lol.

Introducing a fitness routine inspired by a West African dance form, Juba Step "takes the art of stepping traditionally done by fraternities and sororities and combines it with strength moves for an exhilarating, total body workout."

And if you've never been sequestered to a gymnasium for hours learning a mere 10-minute show, trust me when I say - stepping is a WORKOUT!

Saran posing at the 2007 Women's Tri-Fitness World Challenge
Dunmore, a Chicago resident, wears many professional hats over those locs. Serving as not only a personal trainer, but also a fitness model, television personality, motivational speaker, bootcamp instructor and entrepreneur. Oh, and lest we forget the 2009 Offensive Player of the Year in the LFL? Yes, L-FL, the Lingerie Football League. Why am I just now learning about such a thing? Better question, where do I sign up? I'm asking for a friend.

The motivated motivator shares:
As a fitness professional I hear all too often “I wish I had your arms or your body.”  My response is always “you can have the body you want/dream of, you just have to put in the work!”  That holds true with any and everything in life, you have to put in the work to get that which you desire.  My desire outweighs all, well most, of the excuses I could give for not putting in the work.
To get a copy of the Juba Step DVD ($20) or the many other offerings of Saran's Fitness check out: www.SaranDunmore.com

Also check out SaranFitness on YouTube, for interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and exercise demos!

P.S. I know some greek orgs that could use that Juba Step, to improve. If that's even possible. *flips hair* *hits my Ivy*