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Vid: Stephen Colbert Takes on 'Toning' Shoes

Shoutout if you know people who don't workout, but still rock toning shoes, doe ...

Toning shoes are the fastest growing segment of the footwear market. Whether the efficacy is imagined or actual, many consumers live by them. They're basically athletic shoes with height and shape alterations - that engage your leg muscles in alternative ways, to normal treading. This change in effort, is attributed to burning more calories and well ... toning.
Kim K. b-posing in Grey/Black EasyTones®
With the celebrity backings of Kim Kardashian-Humphries, the Reebok® EasyTones have maintained a large influence on this particular shoe genre. Followed by Skechers® Shape-Ups, praised by supermodel Brooke Burke and actress/model, Eva Longoria - as the more affordable option.

Despite the hype, to date, researchers have not found significant evidence that proves such a purchase, would enhance your workout - or body. I've never owned, let alone tried on a pair, but I don't think I'll be doing either, any time soon.