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Quotables | Obesity Crisis Solved: Eat Less

Oh, okay:
Photo: Courtesy of Mark Bittman, food columnist for the The New York Times

See, America, why we're being passed up on all revolutionary fronts? Why didn't we think of this, first?!

While the titled-approach seems oversimplified in addressing any "obesity epidemic," England's Health Secretary, Andrew Langley, is charging fellow citizens with watching what and how much they consume:
"Being overweight or obese is a direct consequence of eating more calories than we need. Increasing physical activity is a part of the equation but reducing the amount of calories we consume is key." [Read Full Article Here]
Yet, while the government is calling for people to eat less, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), a cabinet within the same government, raised the recommended daily calorie intake for both men and women; saying average men should eat 2,605 calories, up from 2,500 and the intake for women also nudging up slightly to 2079 calories.