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Mariah Carey's 42-Pound Weight Loss + Jenny Craig® Deal

Watch out Screamin' Jenny, it looks like WeightWatchers® brand competitor, Jenny Craig®, has scooped up a singing spokesperson of their own! The one and only diva, Mariah Carey-Cannon. Debuting her post-babies physique in a teaser campaign for the company, the new mommy/singer/songwriter/actress (we've all seen Glitter) is proud of her transformation:

From JennyCraig.com:
"Jenny Craig® is excited to announce Mariah Carey as its newest brand ambassador. Mariah, like Jenny, hopes that by living as an example, and by teaching healthy habits, we can start to make a change. We can educate, raise awareness, and create a movement for a healthier life." PC Addendum: For a small fee of either you left arm, or right leg. 
Numerous weight loss-focused companies reached out, following the birth of her twins Morrocan and Monroe, for spokesperson-ship. But it was only after a call with Jenny executives, that she felt a special "kinship." I guess that's what we're calling the dynamic of whoever has the biggest check? Either way, she began the program (consultant-based fitness and meal planning) this past July and has lost an astounding 42 pounds!

Now, totally unrelated ...  but Mariah's husband, Nick Cannon, these days?
Photo Courtesy: Twitter

I'm just saying.

Cheers to the healthy, happy, family!

Source: USA Today
Source: Miss Jia