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MTV 2's Guy Code | Working Out

Following a record-breaking debut, MTV2 aired the second episode of its hit show, Guy Code. A (non-politically correct) program based upon supposed 'rules' and unspoken behaviors of men.

The topics are diverse in nature; as comedians, actors and other entertainment personalities give their take on everything from bathroom etiquette, dance floor mishaps and even working out:

"Guys should exercise, because you never know when you gotta fight."
"That has to be the biggest lie told on social networks: 'I'm in the gym!' Then lay right back in bed."
- Charlamagne, NY Radio DJ + Lil Duval, Comedian

"You speak gym talk. 'Hey, Stacy. You been doing squats? I can tell. Keep it up, though.' Now either you're going to get that number, or you're going to get kicked out the gym." 
- Damien Lemon, Comedian

Trouble with the vid? You can check it out directly on MTV.com: Guy Code: Working Out 

I'll admit, this got a few chuckles out of me.

You can catch MTV2's Guy Code on Tuesdays at 10pm EST.